InterJournal Complex Systems, 357
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [357]
Submission Date: 428
Revised On: 628
Plasma experiments with relevance for complexity science
Author(s): Sebastian Popescu ,Erzilia Lozneanu ,Mircea Sanduloviciu

Subject(s): CX.11, CX.12, CX.14

Category: Article


The goal of this paper is the identification of the physical processes at the origin of the nonlinear behavior of a plasma conductor when an external constraint gradually departs the system from thermal equilibrium. This reveals the presence of a self-organization scenario whose final product depends on the magnitude of the applied constraint. At first it appears a complexity whose stability is ensured by the presence of an electrical double layer. By increasing the external constraint the complexity transits into an autonomous state whose existence is related to a rhythmic exchange of matter and energy with the surrounding environment, sustained and controlled by a proper dynamics of the double layer. The results are potentially important for developing a general strategy of nonequilibrium physics, suggesting answers to challenging problems concerning the mechanism that could explain the appearance of self-organized complexities in laboratory and in nature.

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