InterJournal Complex Systems, 448
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [448]
Submission Date: 1104
Comment on manuscript revision number 42265
Spatial periodicity in mycelial fungi growth with respect to their life strategies
Author(s): Anonymous

Subject(s): CX.13, CX.31, CX.33

Category: Article


A mathematical model is proposed that describes the macroscopic self-organizing behaviors exhibited by colonies of imperfect mycelial fungi (Hyphomycetes) under varying experimental conditions. The model consists of four partial differential equations and contains nondimensional parameters specifying various basic quantities such as concentrations of substrate, metabolites, mycelium, and spores, etc. The essential finding is that the mechanism of stationary dissipative structure formation in fungal colonies involves two simultaneous and relatively simple processes -- the consumption of substrates and the inhibition of mycelial growth by diffusible metabolites (growth inhibitors). Knowledge of the basic mechanisms of pattern formation in mycelial fungi colonies is suggested to be an essential first step for practical applications of fungi as biodegradative agents of carbonaceous material in our environment. This is a highly sophisticated and carefully carried out work and hence deserves an enthusiastic recommendation for publication as is.

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