InterJournal Complex Systems, 888
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [888]
Submission Date: 2004
Complex Dynamics of the Cardiac Rhythms
Author(s): Simonetta Filippi ,Christian Cherubini

Subject(s): CX.1



Many biological systems that are complex in both space and time need a new theoretical approach in the methods of nonlinear dynamics. In particular a theoretical analysis of the underlying mechanisms of heart dynamics could clarify the question about the chaotic behavior of the normal heartbeat and specially the control of the bifurcations of dynamics arising in situations of disease. The goal is to find a possible clear distinction between the normal and pathological regime. The real Ginzburg Landau equation, is used as the amplitude equation valid near a stationary bifurcation, and the Complex Ginzburg Landau equation (CGLE) is studied as a prototype for heart dynamics and the related spatiotemporal chaos. This is a very general model exhibiting spiral wave solutions. In this work we try to clarify the link between the phenomenology of the heart and the model (CGLE).

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