InterJournal Complex Systems, 244
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [244]
Submission Date: 981215
TRANSIMS for transportation planning
Author(s): Kai Nagel

Subject(s): CX.68, CX.44

Category: Brief Article


The TRANSIMS (TRansportation ANalysis and SIMulation System) project at Los Alamos National Laboratory attempts to model all aspects of human behavior related to transportation in one consistent simulation framework. The key to the TRANSIMS design is a radically microscopic simulation of the travelers. In consequence, as the first step, a synthetic population is created from demographic data. Next, another module of TRANSIMS generates synthetic activities (such as sleeping, eating, working, shopping, etc.) and activity locations for each synthetic individual. Each individual in the simulation then plans her transportation, making modal and routing choices. Finally, the plans of each individual are executed in a detailed transportation micro-simulation. Relaxation iterations are necessary to achieve consistence between the modules. Since this means running all modules, especially the micro-simulation, many times, this makes the already considerable computational challenges even harder. Results from micro-simulation runs can be used to extract data, for example for stake-holder analysis or for emissions calculations. In this way, different transportation alternatives can be compared in detail.

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