InterJournal Complex Systems, 394
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [394]
Submission Date: 511
Revised On: 628
On analysis of the periodicity attributes of the photo-plethysmograph signal to assess the cardiovascular state

Subject(s): CX.32

Category: Brief Article


The photo-plethysmographic signal recorded from the finger, representing the blood pressure excursions, is studied. It is understood that any periodic or nearly periodic series can be considered to be composed of a series of cyclical segments where each segment is characterized by three attributes, namely the periodicity or period length, the periodic pattern and the multiplicative scaling factor. The dynamics of these periodicity (or p-) attributes for the plethysmograph signal are individually as well as collectively analysed to study the cardiovascular state. A new class of surrogate series based on the p-attributes is used for analysis. The signal dynamics is also analysed by mapping the p-attributes in a novel p-attribute space, where each point maps a periodic segment; from the distribution of points, a measure for the assessment of the cardiovascular condition is proposed.

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