InterJournal Complex Systems, 1303
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [1303]
Submission Date: 2004
Generalized Circuit Analysis of Biological Networks
Author(s): Momiao Xiong ,Jonathan Arnold

Subject(s): CX.3



Comprehensive knowledge of a living individual requires understanding the biological networks. Although network is not a new concept but biological network has many unique features and poses a significant challenge because of its scale and unprecedented complexity. It is therefore important to have a novel conceptual framework to quantitatively describe a network’s properties, and new methods for integrating experimental data and theories. To accomplish these tasks, we develop linear circuit theory as a general framework for genetic network analysis. We first introduce concepts of transcriptional potential, current and resistance that can be used to quantify the operations of the genetic networks. Kirchhoff’s current law and Ohm’s law are fundamental to electric circuits. Applications of linear circuit theory to genetic networks require developing similar Kirchhoff’s current law and Ohm’s law in genetic network analysis. Therefore, we extend Kirchhoff’s current law and Ohm’s law to genetic networks. The technologies for measuring resistance of the transcriptors have not been developed. To overcome this, we will develop algorithms to estimate transcriptional resistance based on structural equation model for genetic networks. Finally, to illustrate the generalized circuit analysis of genetic networks, the proposed models and algorithms will be applied to a part of apoptotic networks and TGF-β pathway.

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