InterJournal Complex Systems, 439
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [439]
Submission Date: 1001
Creative Process: a Constellation of Nexus
Author(s): Niki Lambropoulos

Subject(s): CX.00, CX.11, CX.13, CX.14, CX.15, CX.16, CX.17

Category: Article


Creative Process: a Constellation of Chaotic Nexus Niki Lambropoulos (MA in ICT in Education, Researcher) Abstract The field of creative process has not been thoroughly studied in accordance to the chaotic theory approach. In the following chapters I will try to indicate –based on a case study- that the creative process is constructed as a self-organized, autopoietic system, which is inventing itself. If we were able to focus on a schematic representation of it, we would find two interactive, fractal lines that move chaotically, towards or in reverse. These two lines start from the Self and the Other (information and environment in general), which is interwoven in a fabric constructed of nexus. These nexus depend on the strange attractors of the personality and previous nexus that react as attractors as well, and together with external factors (Other), influence the whole process either during the initial forming or during the actual process. The result of every step (every thought and every brushstroke) is given by the underpinned structure, analyzed in four levels (preparation, incubation, illumination, verification) through the thought/action/reflection loop and the entire process is based again on the same pattern. Microscopically or macroscopically zooming gives the same result, the fractal icon of the process. Parts of the following article were written and published originally in Greek for the ‘Maraslian Step’, the scientific journal published by the University of Athens 3 times a year. It was under the title ‘Educational approaches of the creative process as a chaotic procedure’ for Spring 2000.

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