InterJournal Complex Systems, 601
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [601]
Submission Date: 20628
Dissipative Structures and the Origins of Life
Author(s): Robert Melamede

Subject(s): CX.02, CX.35, CX.31, CX.32

Category: Article


Modern open system thermodynamics, as pioneered by Prigogine, provides a new framework for examining living and associated systems. This paper will show how the behavior of molecules can lead to biological events.† Novel hypotheses are proposed that integrate open system, far from equilibrium, physical principles with the many layers of biological complexity.† An abstract conceptual development provides a unifying perspective of prebiotic evolution, the origins of the genetic code, and the origins of life itself. An understanding of the nature of health and disease arises as a natural extension of physical phenomena and includes thermodynamic interpretations of the basic living processes of cell division and cell death. The reiteration of underlying physical principles provides new definitions of speciation and individuality. Consideration of manís place in an evolving biosphere is also examined.††

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