InterJournal Complex Systems, 282
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [282]
Submission Date: 990304
Comment on manuscript revision number 35356
Retraction of earlier comment
Author(s): Chris Phoenix

Subject(s): CX.06, CX.17, CX.68

Category: Brief Article


My earlier comment was based on a misunderstanding. I remembered the conversation at the conference, but took away a very different impression than Dr. Parunak intended to give. The DaSCH model produces different behaviors below and above the point where the suppliers are capable of meeting demand; I had understood his statements about industrial verification to apply only to the case where supply could keep up with demand, and was unaware of the useful results (as opposed to purely theoretical studies) obtained from the over-capacity domain.

Since I was wrong about the real-world applicability of the modulo behavior, the previous review should be ignored. My action was not hasty or malicious, and in fact I made some effort to determine whether my assumption was correct; this may imply that further elucidation of the link between the modulo function and the real-world behavior would help to support the paper. However, having made one major mistake on this topic, I won't try to criticize the paper anymore.

Any model must be compared to the real world; a simple model of a complex system may deserve extra suspicion until it is shown to produce useful results. In this case, the model did produce useful results, of which I was unaware; the results prove that the model is interesting in this problem domain.

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