InterJournal Complex Systems, 600
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [600]
Submission Date: 20628
Epsilon-Pseudo-Orbits and Applications
Author(s): Douglas Norton

Subject(s): CX.00

Category: Brief Article


We consider dynamical systems consisting of the iteration of continuous functions on compact metric spaces. Basic definitions and results on chain recurrence and the Conley Decomposition Theorem in this setting are presented. An epsilon-pseudo-orbit approximation for the dynamics, with epsilon of fixed size, is presented as a mathematical representation of a computer model of such a discrete dynamical system. We see that the Conley decomposition of a space can be approximated by an epsilon-coarse Conley decomposition in this setting. This paper was presented at the New England Complex Systems Institute International Conference on Complex Systems, June 9-14, 2002, at Nashua, New Hampshire.

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