InterJournal Complex Systems, 641
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [641]
Submission Date: 40808
Debunking Physics and Discovering the Ultimate Paradigm of Science
Author(s): Stephen Mooney

Subject(s): CX

Category: Brief Article


\"It always seemed strange to me that science was conducted in disconnected disciplines. Surely the Universe is a totally connected and physical process, and that there is a logic and language that crosses the divide between the disciplines of science. We can reduce science to physics and chemistry and biology. Chemistry and biology rely upon straightforward observation and experiment and develop their theories and practice from these observations and experiments. Physics, on the other hand, goes about things quite differently. It assumes that mathematics is the ultimate logic of the Universe, and imposes this upon its observations and experiments. Any physicist will tell you that if your ideas and observations can\'t be expressed with mathematics then they can\'t be part of physics. The simple fact is that physics is obsessed with mathematics and will abandon all other logic in the name of this obsession. My discovery of the Ultimate Paradigm of Science included conducting an investigation into physics and debunking its bizarre interpretations and misconceptions. It also included showing how the physics obsession stood in the way of it making some truly amazing discoveries.\"

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