InterJournal Complex Systems, 1834
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [1834]
Submission Date: 2006
A Knowledge Management Framework for Security Assessment in a Multi Agent PKI-based Networking Environment
Author(s): Gustavo Santana Torrellas

Subject(s): CX.44



This paper deals with one of the probably most challenging and, in our opinion, little addressed question that can be found in Information Security Management today, that of the methodological design of a Multi-Agent PKI-based Networking Environment. It relies on three important notions: (1) independence from the implementation techniques; (2) definition of a Multi-Agent System as a set of three different levels of roles; (3) specification of a methodological process that reconciles both the bottom-up and the top-down approaches to the problem of system design using a Knowledge Management Framework. As dynamic and flexible domains such as PKI-based Network Environment are continuing to grow in complexity, it becomes more difficult to evaluate and define a proper risk management and their security goals in the domains where unexpected events can occur. This paper presented an information and knowledge management framework to support a Security Architecture using Multi Agent Technology in a PKI-based Network Environment domain. We employ the concepts related to SAMARA A Security Architecture Multi-Agents Systems Risk Assessment. The focus of this paper is to define a knowledge management framework for self-organization and information security exchange among SAMARA agents. It addresses two important issues: (1) How the information and security knowledge should take place among agents to allow them to respond successfully to user requests and unexpected situations in the security domain; and (2) How individual agents should be interconnected so that their security capabilities are efficiently used and their security goals are accomplished effectively and efficiently. Knowledge can be exchanged among the agents by using a combination of facts, rules and commands transfers. A Distributed Security Assessment in Multi Agent PKI-based Networking Environment can be characterised as a group of individual agents running security tasks and co-operating with other agents to solve a security deployment and maintenance problem. In this article we propose a framework for developing an Organizational Information Security using Knowledge Management. It is anticipated that application of this framework will facilitate development of new Security Models that are better suited to the Risk Assessment in PKI-based Networking Environment characterized by dynamic and discontinuous changes.

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