InterJournal Complex Systems, 189
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [189]
Submission Date: 980427
Comment on manuscript revision number 54016
Functional Differentiation in Developmental Systems
Author(s): Jeffrey Goldstein

Subject(s): CX.15, CX.19, CX.41, CX.67

Category: Article


This is an excellent article all around. The parameters used, including "sociabillity" and "compatibility," are very exciting ones for social science research, and promise a much greater yield than the overly simplistic and unrealistic ones so popular these days (I am thinking of Kauffman's N & K). Moreover, there are very interesting implications for differentiation of function in such areas as morphogenesis in biological organisms although that was not the area directly addressed in the article. The article is clearly written, grammatically correct, and promises areas of further inquiry. I definitely recommend it for publication.

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