InterJournal Complex Systems, 594
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [594]
Submission Date: 20628
webtank (think tank on the web) and the management of organizational webtank (think tank on the web) and the management of organizational complexity
Author(s): Zann Gill

Subject(s): CX

Category: Brief Article


In this paper Iíll give a mini-tour through the webtank mock-up and discuss plans to use it to support think tank knowledge management through self-organization as the webtank evolves. Iíll describe how this pilot experiment in web-supported learning lays the foundation for a web-based "greenhouse" designed to address the complexity of knowledge management as this interactive web environment scales up. The webtank will document process events linked to an assessment plan that can inform human/agent decisions about how to modify the documentation strategy and guide website evolution. The operative principle of the webtank is to encourage individual differences as the key to effective collaborative problem-solving and innovation, reflecting the principle of alife simulations where heterogeneous actors collaborate to solve problems. As individual webtank modules are uploaded, their location in the sitemap is fluid and is gradually specified as they evolve their links to other entries. As the site gradually scales up, the small number of low connectivity links grows into a networked modular, structure that evolves toward increasing coherence.

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