InterJournal Complex Systems, 481
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [481]
Submission Date: 10318
Comment on manuscript revision number 30877
ICCS Review for paper 360 by L. Sacks.
Author(s): Lionel Sacks

Subject(s): CX.20, CX.14, CX.11

Category: Brief Article


This is a very interesting paper with a clear didactic description of Ball lightning and interpretation in the mould of complexity and (maybe non-linear) dynamic feedback systems. In particular it is an interesting experimental attack on the issues discussed (originally I think) by Smirnov ("Fractal Clusters", 1986, in Usp. Fiz. Nauk 19; see discussion in The Almighty Chance, Zeldovich et al) in which the Hausdorff dimensionality is actually estimated. However my remarks [480] as for the Plasma paper [357] by the same authors apply and I feel it is a long way away from a discussing of the 'precursors of living complex systems'. I do agree that you need precursors - mettastable states that emerge naturally. However this case is substantially different to those - textually similar - physical or chemical phenomena discussed as early biology; i.e. amino acid soups or mud on rocks. In these examples, as in life, the self organizing is necessary but not sufficient without external selection mechanisms.

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