InterJournal Complex Systems, 262
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [262]
Submission Date: 981228
Distributed Knowledge Networks
Author(s): Vasant Honavar

Subject(s): CX.64, CX.65, CX.66, CX.68, CX.16, CX.43

Category: Brief Article


Distributed Knowledge Networks (DKN) provide some of the key enabling technologies for translating recent advances in automated data acquisition, digital storage, computers and communications into fundamental advances in organizational decision support, data analysis, and related applications. DKN include computational tools for accessing, organizing, transforming, assimilating, and discovering knowledge from heterogeneous, distributed, possibly mobile, data and knowledge sources (including traditional databases, legacy systems, text repositories, sensors, image collections, mobile devices and specialized simulations) for dist ributed problem solving and decision making under tight time, resource, and performance constraints. DKN find applications in such diver se areas as organizational memory and decision support systems, internet and int ranet based information systems, healthcare information systems, and agile distr ibuted design and manufacturing environments. This paper summarizes the current state of our effort to design and implement Distributed Knowledge Networks.

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