InterJournal Complex Systems, 210
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [210]
Submission Date: 980923
Comment on manuscript revision number 2244
Reply to referee's comments
Author(s): Lipo Wang

Subject(s): CX.66

Category: Brief Article


I have made changes in response to the reviewer's comments. The detailed changes made with respect to each of the reviewer's comments are as follows:

1. "...Since the control mechanism does not depend on the pattern with which the overlap is measured, this result should hold for the overlap with any arbitrary pattern...." The second paragraph in Section III has been added.

2. "It would be good to have some information about how robust the results are in terms of the parameters in the system. ..." The third paragraph in Section III has been added.

3. "There is not enough information given to reproduce the figures." "according to eq.(3)" has been added to the captions of Figs.2-6.

4. "On l.12, second column of p. 3 it should read 'm(t=0) = 0.3' (not 0.2)." It has been changed.

5. Acknowledgement has been added to thank the reviewer for his comments.

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