InterJournal Complex Systems, 382
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [382]
Submission Date: 504
Semi-Structured Decision Processes
Author(s): William Kaliardos

Subject(s): CX.1, CX.4, CX.6

Category: Brief Article


Determining the appropriate role of automation within a human-automation system is a key design task. "Function allocation" is the task of allocating work between humans and computers. In order to improve function allocation, a simple model of decision processes known as "Semi-Structured" processes is presented as the basis of a conceptual framework for understanding decision systems. It is believed that a fully "Structured" decision process is not always appropriate, and that humans tend to add value to the ill-defined "Unstructured" processes. One reason for incorporating Unstructured decision processes is due to complexity during operation of the system. However, Structure can be used to help manage complexity. This is briefly explored with an example system: aircraft automation.

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