InterJournal Complex Systems, 313
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [313]
Submission Date: 991122
ReVision: Reviewing Vision in the WEB
Author(s): Roberto Cesar Junior ,Luciano da Fontoura Costa

Subject(s): CX.66, CX.67, CX.65, CX.16, CX.07, CX.41, CX.6

Category: Review Article


The rate in which the Web universe becomes more and more dense and potentially interesting seems to be inversely related to the accessibility to the interesting sites. The purpose of the present review (an extension of L. da F. Costa, Real-Time Imaging and Vision? The WEB knows about it, Journal of Real-Time Imaging, 2:225-230, 1996.) represents a (brave) effort at overcoming this problem, even though partially, by providing a filtered, rated and organized set of the most representative vision related sites on the WWW. More especifically, we have carefully searched (see the "Practical Issues" Section for details regarding the implemented procedures) for the best vision-related and rated then according to three following degrees: one, two and three stars. While the latter corresponds to outstanding sites, interesting information will also be found at one-star sites - additional information about the rating criteria can be found in the section "Practical Issues" . Moreover, specific features of each site (such as interactive examples, databases, etc) have been included and every catalogued site has been classified according to its main related areas, in such a way that they can be accessed in terms of a series of 75 areas in the present review.

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