InterJournal Complex Systems, 349
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [349]
Submission Date: 424
Revised On: 910
Spatial organization and phase transition in dimorphic fungi
Author(s): Evgenia Bogomolova ,Ludmila Panina ,Yuri Kumzerov

Subject(s): CX.0, CX.11, CX.13, CX.31, CX.33

Category: Article


We report on the phenomenon of the cell's growth form bistability of the dimorphic fungi. It is clearly demonstrated, that the fungal growth in filamentous (mycelial) or yeast-like forms are external (parametrically) controlled and switched. The mycelium to yeast transition under determined environment are described as Landau phase transition. The phenomenon of dimorphism is of a great importance as a biomedical problem.

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