InterJournal Complex Systems, 110
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [110]
Submission Date: 971013
Complexity of analyzing complexity: Dynamics of Root Cause Analysis in a cross-functional BPR team
Author(s): Leon Khaimovich

Subject(s): CX.43, CX.41, CX.15

Category: Article


The paper is intended to serve as an invitation for empirically grounded modeling of cognitive and emotional dynamics in co-acting groups. It is based on 1.5 months of fieldwork, which culminated in video recording 2.5-day long Business Process Re-engineering workshop. The collected data provide a unique opportunity to move beyond the philosophic discussion of applicability of mathematical tools developed for analysis of complex systems to collaborative problem solving. With this goal in mind, conceptual ideas which look especially relevant and useful for dynamic description of problem-solving processes, are briefly discussed. Then some results of analyses of 8-minute long episode are presented to show readers the emerging picture. The concluding section makes a modest attempt to use terminology originating from the studies of complex systems for describing observed processes of problem solving in co-acting groups.

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