InterJournal Complex Systems, 590
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [590]
Submission Date: 20627
Revised On: 20916
Developing a Web-based Syllabus for an Undergraduate Course in Systems Thinking and Complexity
Author(s): Ronald DeGray ,Shyamala Raman

Subject(s): CX.1, CX.3, CX.6

Category: Brief Article


In this manuscript, we report our pedagogical and epistemological experiences in developing an interactive syllabus for an undergraduate course on Systems Thinking and Complexity. Our aim was to develop a capstone course for an Information Technology (IT) concentration that would provide students with a cognitive framework beyond the technical aspects that they would acquire in an Information Technology curriculum. The Internet has been a catalyst in democratizing the dissemination of the discourse on Systems Thinking and Complexity. The Internet and technology provide a means for new pedagogy and in some cases give rise to a change in epistemology. Multimedia and animations are used to convey an understanding of difficult concepts in systems thinking and complexity that are otherwise beyond the reach of text based materials.

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