InterJournal Complex Systems, 3125
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [3125]
Submission Date: 150829
Unobservable Potentials to Explain a Quantum Eraser and a Delayed-Choice Experiment
Author(s): Masahito Morimoto

Subject(s): CX.09, CX.20

Category: Article


We present a new explanation for a quantum eraser. The erasure and reappearance of an interference pattern have been explained that a revolvable linear polarizer erases or marks the information of \"which-path markers\", which indicate the photon path. Mathematical description of the traditional explanation requires quantum-superposition states. However, the phenomenon can be explained without quantum-superposition states by introducing unobservable potentials which can be identified as an indefinite metric vector with zero probability amplitude. In addition, a delayed choice experiment can also be explained without entangled states under the assumption that an definite orientation of the unobservable potentials configured by a setup of the experiment determines the polarization of the photon pairs in advance.

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