InterJournal Complex Systems, 269
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [269]
Submission Date: 990119
Revised On: 990224
The Geometry and Evolution of Social Systems
Author(s): Juergen Kluever

Subject(s): CX.43, CX.46, CX.41, CX.16

Category: Brief Article


We argue that by the use of geometrical concepts it is possible to construct a mathematical model of social evolution, that is a model of the theory of social differentiation developed particularly by Habermas and Luhmann. To capture this theory it is necessary to define the concept of dimensions of social spaces. The model is implemented into a hybrid computer program which consists of a stochastic cellular automaton (CA) and a genetic algorithm (GA); the latter changes the rules of the CA. The most important results show that the model behaves in ways very similar to the social systems known from human history. So there may be mathematical reasons for the ourse human history has taken.

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