InterJournal Complex Systems, 483
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [483]
Submission Date: 10318
Comment on manuscript revision number 55038
ICCS Review for paper 409 by L. Sacks.
Author(s): Lionel Sacks

Subject(s): CX.07, CX.13, CX.14, CX.35, CX.44

Category: Brief Article


This is an excellent paper in terms of review and some detailed work on complex industrial systems. It is slightly difficult to follow in places since there is a problem with the online figures. This is particularly important when understanding the rules operating in the individual nodes. And this in turn is important when trying to compare the approach and results with other game theoretical results. A particularly interesting aspect is that of 'patches'. Particularly it would be interesting to understand the relationship between the emerging structure and small worlds or scale free network structures. A problem with this kind of work is the relation between the input and output of NK like models and actual measurable in the world. It would be interesting to see this kind of approach constructed with the more complicated game theory models used for, for example, real world auctions.

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