InterJournal Complex Systems, 235
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [235]
Submission Date: 981214
Diffuse Rationality in Complex Systems
Author(s): Ron Cottam ,Willy Ranson ,Roger Vounckx

Subject(s): CX.1, CX.07, CX.35

Category: Article


The implementation of artificial information processing systems ultimately depends on the nature of the rationality underlying system design itself. We propose a new paradigm which can extend or replace formal logic, and which is capable of supporting the development of hierarchical evolutionary metastates in complex environments. Entities can only fulfill their primary criterion of survival by computing sufficiently rapid reactions to external stimuli, and to do so they must have access to simplified internal models of their relationships with the environment. Metastates characterizing these objectivisations correspond to regions of the phase space where its contextual description can be reasonably accurately reduced to a small number of degrees of freedom. We maintain that all entities come into existence as quasi-particles by progressive reduction towards communicational isolation from a common background of diffuse chaotic nonlocality, and that this takes place through hierarchical sets of metastates of decreasing inter-dimensional diffuseness into perceivable localised forms.

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