InterJournal Complex Systems, 12
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [12]
Submission Date: 951112
Australias Telerobot On The Web
Author(s): Kenneth Taylor , James Trevelyan

Subject(s): CX.65, CX.66

Category: Article


We are investigating the useability of an industrial six-axis robot controlled through the World Wide Web which is part of the Internet computer network. We use a supervisory control strategy. Its address is The robot was made available on the World Wide Web in September 1994. By 10 July 1995 there had been 72,000 requests to the robot from over 15,000 sites around the world.

The remote user receives still video images of the robots work space and can move its gripper in x, y, z, roll pitch and yaw. After each move (or gripper open/close) the user receives new images. The robot is calibrated so each movement is accurately executed in the work space reference frame. The user can manipulate wooden blocks.

This research demonstrates remote operation of complex machinery using minimal bandwidth data transmission and widely available, low cost components. Possible applications include remote surveillance and remote operation of machinery.

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