InterJournal Complex Systems, 253
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [253]
Submission Date: 981219
Geophysiological modeling: a new approach at modeling the evolution of ecosystems
Author(s): Francesco Santini

Subject(s): CX.35, CX.34

Category: Brief Article


Living organisms evolve within ecological associations (ecosystems, landscapes, biomes, the biosphere) that are constituted by a biological component and a physico-chemical component. Until recently the attention of evolutionary ecologists has been mainly directed towards the understanding of the effectsthat the interactions between the biological components of ecosystems (competition and predation) have on the dynamics of populations and communities. Such interactions were supposed to be the main cause for the observed organization of ecosystems. However we believe that in the search for a more comprehensive theory of evolution a much greater attention should be paid to the ways in which the physico-chemical environment interacts with the living organisms. To test our ideas, we develop a new kind of mathematical model to study the evolution of ecosystems, and we apply it to the study of hydrothermal vents.

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