InterJournal Complex Systems, 1317
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [1317]
Submission Date: 2004
Dephasing and Many-body Delocalization in Strongly Disordered Systems
Author(s): Alexander L. Burin

Subject(s): CX.2



Long range interaction in strongly disordered systems remarkably influence their thermodynamics and kinetics properties. In this contribution I consider many-body effects under conditions of arbitrary strong disordering leading to the full Anderson localization of single particle excitations. It is shown that when the interaction of localized excitation decreases with the distance slower that its inverse sixth power it inevitably leads to the dissipative dynamics and many-body delocalization at any finite temperature. Experimental consequences for systems with the dipole-dipole interaction are discussed and illustrated by the example of interacting two-level systems in amorphous solids.

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