InterJournal Complex Systems, 981
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [981]
Submission Date: 2004
Understanding MAS and Social Simulation: Switching Between Languages in a Hierarchy of Levels
Author(s): Oswaldo Teran

Subject(s): CX.6



This paper addresses the difficulties associated to the diversity of perspectives in the social and organisational simulation community, such as misunderstanding about concepts, and modelling methodologies. In order to deal with this difficulties, first, a hierarchy of languages, namely: natural language and culture, theoretical and modelling paradigm, modelling language, and simulation language, as a framework for social and organisational simulation is suggested. Second, switching between languages as an exercise through which modelling situations can be displayed and better comprehended, and even novel methods for interpreting and analysing simulations might be devised, is proposed. The need for this framework can be understood from previous work, e.g., 10. Gershenson, Edmonds [8, 10]. Both the hierarchy of languages and the switching between languages will be placed against the whole modelling process as understood by Edmonds [8]. In order to show the usefulness of this framework, several models representing characteristic perspectives in social and organisational modelling are examined.

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