InterJournal Polymers and Complex Fluids, 4
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [4]
Submission Date: 942712
Polymer interpenetration in two dimensional melts
Author(s): Boris Ostrovsky , Mark A. Smith ,Yaneer Bar-Yam

Subject(s): PX.22.3

Category: Brief Article


In two-dimensional (2-D) high density melts, polymers are expected to adopt compact conformations in which the excluded volume controls the polymer size. This is unlike three-dimensions where intra-chain excluded volume interactions are screened by interpenetration of polymers leading to random walk conformations. Using lattice Monte-Carlo simulations we investigate the scaling of polymer properties as a function of melt density and polymer length in 2-D. We define and measure the shape factor distribution that reflects the degree of interpenetration of polymers. In contrast to expectations, we find that polymers in high-density two-dimensional melts are characterized by fluctuations between compact and random walk configurations that both comprise the polymer conformation phase space. Other measures of polymer structure confirm these results. At present no scaling argument is available to explain them.

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