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[1] Substructure in Complex Systems and Partially Subdivided Neural Networks I: Stability of Composite Patterns (Accepted), Article, Reza Sadr_Lahijany, Yaneer Bar-Yam

[2] Occam, Turing, von Neumann, Jaynes: How much can you get for how little? (A conceptual introduction to cellular automata) (Accepted), Article, Tommaso Toffoli


[4] Polymer interpenetration in two dimensional melts (Accepted), Brief Article, Boris Ostrovsky, Mark A. Smith, Yaneer Bar-Yam

[6] Frequent Rearrangements Near the Ends of Schizosaccharoymces pombe (Accepted), Article, Cassandra L. Smith

[10] Physical and Metaphysical Concepts of Mind (Accepted), Article, Leonid I. Perlovsky

[11] The Logic of Design Discovery (Accepted), Article, Dan Braha, Oded Maimon

[12] Australias Telerobot On The Web (Accepted), Article, Kenneth Taylor, James Trevelyan

[13] The Necessity for a Time Local Dimension in Systems with Time Varying Attractors (Accepted), None, K. Saermark, Yosef Ashkenazy, Jacob Levitan

[14] Nozzle Flow with Vibrational Nonequilibrium (Accepted), Article, John G. Landry, John H. Heinbockel, Willard E. Meador

[15] Algorithmic design of diffractive optical systems for information processing (Accepted), Brief Article, H Aagedal, Thomas Beth, J Muller-Quade

[16] Complexity, computation, and measurement (Accepted), Brief Article, Chris Adami, Nicholas Cerf

[17] Engineering a conscious computer (Accepted), Brief Article, Richard Amoroso

[18] Can metastable states affect ground state computing? (Accepted), Brief Article, M Anantram, Vwani Roychowdhury

[19] A quantum-dot neural network (Accepted), Brief Article, Elizabeth Behrman, J Niemel, J Steck

[20] Hamiltonian models of quantum computers which evolve quantum ballistically (Accepted), Brief Article, Paul Benioff

[21] Improved decoding of quantum error correcting codes from classical codes (Accepted), Brief Article, Thomas Beth, Markus Grassl

[22] Simulating quantum mechanics on a quantum computer (Accepted), Brief Article, Bruce M. Boghosian, Washington Taylor

[23] Tight bounds on quantum searching (Accepted), Brief Article, Michel Boyer, Gilles Brassard, Peter Hoyer, Alain Tapp

[24] The physics of computation (Accepted), Brief Article, Franklin Boyle

[25] Teleportation as a quantum computation (Accepted), Brief Article, Gilles Brassard

[26] Physics motivated approach to combinatorial optimization problems (Accepted), Brief Article, Wojciech Burkot

[27] Next-generation computing and computers: data-driven, medium-based problem solving (Accepted), Brief Article, Val Bykovsky

[28] Quantum nondeterministic computation based on fermionic antisymmetry (Accepted), Brief Article, Giuseppe Castagnoli

[29] Quantum information theory of entanglement (Accepted), Brief Article, Nicholas Cerf, Chris Adami

[30] How much does it cost to teleport? (Accepted), Brief Article, H Chau, Hoi-Kwong Lo

[31] Why quantum bit commitment and quantum coin tossing are impossible? (Accepted), Brief Article, H Chau, Hoi-Kwong Lo

[32] The dual-rail quantum bit and quantum error correction (Accepted), Brief Article, Isaac Chuang, Yoshihisa Yamamoto

[33] Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: an experimentally accessible paradigm for quantum computing (Accepted), Brief Article, David Cory, Amr Fahmy, Timothy Havel

[34] Startup energies in energy-recovery CMOS (Accepted), Brief Article, Sanjaya Dharmasena, Lars Svensson

[35] Entropy and compressibility of symbol sequences (Accepted), Brief Article, Werner Ebeling, Thorsten Poschel, Alexander Neiman

[36] Measures for entanglement of quantum systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Demosthenes Ellinas

[37] Quantum mechanics as a branch of mereology (Accepted), Brief Article, Tom Etter

[38] Digital physics (Accepted), Brief Article, Ed Fredkin

[39] Information gain vs. state disturbance in quantum theory (Accepted), Brief Article, Christopher Fuchs

[40] Comparing the bit-energy of continuous and discrete signal representations (Accepted), Brief Article, Paul Furth, Andreas Andreou

[41] Bulk quantum computation (Accepted), Brief Article, Neil Gershenfeld, Isaac Chuang, Seth Lloyd

[42] Genetic algorithms on structurally dynamic lattices (Accepted), Brief Article, Paul Halpern

[43] A framework for quantum search heuristics (Accepted), Brief Article, Tad Hogg

[44] Quantum smart matter (Accepted), Brief Article, Tad Hogg, Geoffrey Chase

[45] Embedded-particle computation in evolved cellular automata (Accepted), Brief Article, Wim Hordijk, James Crutchfield, Melanie Mitchell

[46] A logically reversible evaluator for the call-by-name lambda calculus (Accepted), Brief Article, Lorenz Huelsbergen

[47] Intrinsic limit of classical and quantum computational devices (Accepted), Brief Article, Kazuhiro Igeta, Bruno Huttner, Nobuyuki Imoto

[48] Relative computational power of integrable and nonintegrable soliton systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Mariusz Jakubowski, Ken Steiglitz, Richard Squier

[49] Non-commutativity and discrete physics (Accepted), Brief Article, Louis Kauffman

[50] Two-state quantum cryptography with imperfect state preparation (Accepted), Brief Article, Masato Koashi, Nobuyuki Imoto

[51] Applications of nonstandard logic to the billiard ball model of computation (Accepted), Brief Article, Joan Krone

[52] Quantum cellular neural networks (Accepted), Brief Article, C Lent, D Tougaw, G Toth

[53] Space-energy trade-off in reversible simulations (Accepted), Brief Article, Ming Li, Paul Vitanyi

[54] Rapid single-flux-quantum logic (Accepted), Brief Article, Konstantin Likharev

[55] Reversible computation in a system with discrete eigenstates (Accepted), Brief Article, Konstantin Likharev, Alexander Korotkov

[56] A quantum analog of Shannons noisy channel theorem (Accepted), Brief Article, Seth Lloyd

[57] Parallel computational complexity and logical depth in statistical physics (Accepted), Brief Article, Jon Machta, Ray Greenlaw

[58] Some thoughts about quantum models, computation, and limits of control (Accepted), Brief Article, Gunter Mahler

[59] The maximum speed of dynamical evolution (Accepted), Brief Article, Norman Margolus, Lev B. Levitin

[60] Information erasure without entropy production of ln 2 per bit by a quasi-static potential change subjected to Brownian motion (Accepted), Brief Article, Hideaki Matsueda, Eiichi Goto, Kia-Fock Loe

[61] Quantum gates implemented by the coherent properties of nonlinear excitons (Accepted), Brief Article, Hideaki Matsueda, Shozo Takeno

[62] Information is protophysical (Accepted), Brief Article, Doug Matzke

[63] Unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment is impossible (Accepted), Brief Article, Dominic Mayers

[64] Phase transition and search cost in the shcSAT problem (Accepted), Brief Article, R Monasson, Riccardo Zecchina, S Kirkpatrick

[65] A new treatment of optical Fredkin gate in quantum communication processes (Accepted), Brief Article, Masanori Ohya, Noboru Watanabe

[66] Measures of distance between quantum states (Accepted), Brief Article, Arkadiusz Orlowski

[67] Universal computation by finite two-dimensional coupled map lattices (Accepted), Brief Article, Pekka Orponen, Martin Matamala

[69] On efficient adiabatic design of MOS circuits (Accepted), Brief Article, Priyadarsan Patra, Donald Fussell

[70] Programming a crystal-lattice computer (Accepted), Brief Article, David Pearson

[71] Error correction and symmetrization in quantum computers (Accepted), Brief Article, Asher Peres

[72] Non-replicative Fredkins rules in homogeneous cellular spaces (Accepted), Brief Article, Plamen Petrov

[73] Study of wave phenomena in physically-coupled device arrays using the Helmholtz equation as a model (Accepted), Brief Article, Wolfgang Porod, Henry Harbury, Craig Lent

[74] New approaches in mathematical biology: information theory and molecular machines (Accepted), Brief Article, Thomas Schneider

[75] Entropy exchange and coherent quantum information (Accepted), Brief Article, Benjamin Schumacher

[76] DNA computational mechanisms (Accepted), Brief Article, Fouad Siddiqi, Charles R. Cantor

[77] Self organizing device networks (Accepted), Brief Article, Joshua Smith

[78] A simple quantum computer: experimental realization of the Deutsch Jozsa algorithm with linear optics (Accepted), Brief Article, S Takeuchi

[79] Power management alternatives for nanoscale cellular automata (Accepted), Brief Article, Tommaso Toffoli

[81] Moments of satisfaction: statistical properties of a large random K-CNF formula (Accepted), Brief Article, Lidror Troyansky, Naftali Tishby

[82] Permanent uncertainty: On the quantum evaluation of the determinant and the permanent of a matrix (Accepted), Brief Article, Lidror Troyansky, Naftali Tishby

[83] Simulating quantum non-integrable systems with quantum computers (Accepted), Brief Article, Ken Umeno

[84] Quantum theory of computation and relativistic physics (Accepted), Brief Article, Alexander Vlasov

[85] Quantum logic on qubytes (Accepted), Brief Article, Wojciech Zurek, Raymond Laflamme

[86] Simulation of factoring on a quantum computer architecture (Accepted), Brief Article, Kevin Obenland, Alvin Despain

[87] Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education (Accepted), None, Fred Bennett

[89] Figures for Simulation of factoring on a quantum computer architecture (Accepted), Brief Article, Kevin Obenland, Alvin Despain

[90] Practical Application of Lattice-Gas and Lattice Boltzmann Methods to Dispersion Problems (Accepted), Article, Harlan W. Stockman, Chunhong Li, Clay Cooper

[91] A universal quantum cellular automaton (Accepted), Brief Article, Wim van Dam

[94] Parallel Computational Complexity in Statistical Physics (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Ken Moriarty, Jon Machta, Ray Greenlaw

[95] Many to One Mappings as a Basis for Life (Accepted), Brief Article, Roland Somogyi

[96] Statistical models of mass extinction (Accepted), Article, Mark Newman

[97] An Artificial Life Model for Investigating the Evolution of Modularity (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Raffaele Calabretta, Guenter Wagner, Stefano Nolfi, Domenico Parisi

[98] Folding Properties in Off-Lattice Protein Models (Submitted), Report, Frank Potthast, Ola Sommelius

[99] Spatial correlations in the contact process: a step toward better ecological models (Accepted), Article, Robin Snyder

[100] Systems properties of metabolic networks (Accepted), Revised, Review Article, David Fell

[101] Complex Dynamics of Molecular Evolutionary Processes (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Christian Forst

[102] Self-organisation and information-carrying capacity of collectively autocatalytic sets of polymers: ligation systems (Accepted), Article, Peter R. Wills, Leah Henderson

[103] EXPLORING THE FRONTIER OF PSYCHODYNAMICAL SPACE-TIME: A Glimpse Using Einstein's Nonlinear Tensor Dynamics and Turing's Patterning (Rejected), Report, Prasun K. Roy, Robert E. Shaw

[104] Genetic Network Inference (Accepted), Brief Article, Stefanie Fuhrman, Xiling Wen, George Michaels, Roland Somogyi

[105] Toward the Physics of "Death" (Accepted), Brief Article, David Keirsey

[106] Assessing Software Organizations from a Complex Systems Perspective (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Javier Dolado, Alvaro Moreno

[107] Conformational Switching as Assembly Instructions inSelf-assembling Mechanical Systems (Accepted), Article, Kazuhiro Saitou

[108] From Inductive Inference to the Fundamental Equation of Measurement (Accepted), Revised, Article, Bart De Boeck

[109] The role of information in simulated evolution (Accepted), Brief Article, Bernhard Sendhoff

[110] Complexity of analyzing complexity: Dynamics of Root Cause Analysis in a cross-functional BPR team (Submitted), Revised, Article, Leon Khaimovich

[111] Tuning Complexity on Randomly Occupied Lattices (Accepted), Article, Ing Ren Tsang, Ing Jyh Tsang

[112] Coping with Uncertainty: The Selforganization of the Social (Submitted), Brief Article, Guenter Kueppers

[113] Extinction Dynamics in a Large Ecological System with Random Interspecies Interactions (Accepted), Revised, Article, Kei Tokita, Ayumu Yasutomi

[114] Structure formation by Active Brownian particles with nonlinear friction (Accepted), Revised, Article, Udo Erdmann

[115] An integrated theory of nervous system functioning embracing nativism and constructivism (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Brian D. Josephson

[116] An Effect of Scale in a Non-Additive Genetic Model (Accepted), Brief Article, Jason Mezey, Guenter Wagner

[117] Self Dissimilarity: An Empirically Observable Complexity Measure (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, William Macready

[118] Evolutionary Strategies of Optimization and the Complexity of Fitness Landscapes (Accepted), Revised, Article, Helge Rose'

[119] Programming complex systems (Submitted), Article, Philip Maymin

[120] Socioeconomic Organization on Directional Resource Landscapes (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, James Uber, Ali Minai

[121] Information transfer between solitary waves in the saturable Schroedinger equation (Accepted), Brief Article, Mariusz Jakubowski, Ken Steiglitz

[122] Aggregation and the Emergence of Social Behavior in Rat Pups Modeled by Simple Rules of Individual Behavior (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Jeff Schank, Jeffrey Alberts

[123] Towards the global: complexity, topology and chaos in modelling, simulation and computation (Accepted), Revised, Article, David A. Meyer

[124] Emergence of Complex Ecologies in ECHO (Accepted), Revised, Article, Richard Smith, Mark Bedau

[125] A dual processing theory of brain and mind: Where is the limited processing capacity (Accepted), Article, Danko Nikolic

[126] Socioeconomic Systems as Nested Dissipative Adaptive Systems (Holarchies) and their Dynamic Energy Budget: a theoretical approach (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Kozo Mayumi

[127] Socioeconomic Systems as Nested Dissipative Adaptive Systems (Holarchies) and their Dynamic Energy Budget: validation of the approach (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Kozo Mayumi

[129] Generic mechanisms for hierarchies (Accepted), Brief Article, Didier Sornette

[130] Emergence in Earthquakes (Accepted), Brief Article, Didier Sornette

[131] Controlling chaos in systems of coupled maps with long-range interactions (Accepted), Brief Article, Michael Doebeli

[132] Davis Dyslexia Correction: Overview, Results, and Implications (Submitted), Brief Article, Chris Phoenix

[133] Modeling fractal patterns with Genetic Algorithm solutions to a variant of the Inverse Problem for Iterated Function Systems (IFS) (Submitted), Report, Olympia Lilly Bakalis

[134] Theories in (inter)action: A complex dynamic system for theory evaluation in Science Studies (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Petra Ahrweiler

[135] Complexity and Order in Chemical and Biologocal Systems (Accepted), Revised, Article, Gad Yagil

[136] Ordering Chaos in a Neural Network Using Linear Feedback (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Lipo Wang

[137] Continuous time in Feigenbaum's model (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Alexander Vlasov

[139] Complexity and Functionality: A Search for the Where, the When, and the How (Accepted), Brief Article, Piet Hut, Brian Goodwin, Stuart Kauffman

[140] Hazards, Self-Organization, and Risk Compensation: A View of Life At the Edge. (Submitted), Article, Keith Donnelly

[141] Functional Differentiation in Developmental Systems. (Accepted), Report, Irina Trofimova

[142] Psychology in Corporations: A Complex Systems Perspective (Accepted), Revised, Article, Jeffrey Goldstein

[143] Pattern Generation in Simulated Biological Systems (Submitted), Brief Article, Andrew Rixon

[144] Chemical Oscillation on symbolic chemical system and its behavioral pattern (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Yasuhiro Suzuki

[146] Biological design principles that guide self-organization, emergence, and hierarchical assembly: from complexity to tensegrity (Accepted), Brief Article, Donald Ingber

[148] Symmetry Breaking and the Origin of Life (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Hyman Hartman

[149] The Use of Complexity to Solve Dilemmas in Physics: A New World Model with Classical, Quantum, Cosmological, and Sociolegal Applications (Submitted), Revised, Article, Harold Ruhl

[150] Ragnar Frisch at the Edge of Chaos (Submitted), Article, Francisco Louca

[151] Comment: Comments and recommendation for acceptance (Submitted), Review Article, Anonymous

[164] Comment: Comment on Randomly Occupied Lattices (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[166] Robust Non-Fractal Complexity (Submitted), Brief Article, James N. Rose

[167] Humanoid Interaction Approach: Exploring Meaningful Order in Complex Interactions (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Yasuo Kuniyoshi

[170] Comment: Commentary on Hut,Goodwin,Kauffman ICCS-1 paper [#139] (Submitted), Brief Article, James N. Rose

[171] Comment: Report on "The Role of the 'process of death'...... (Submitted), Article, Frank Mosca

[172] Comment: Comment on Complexity and Functionality ... (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[176] Comment: Genetic Network Inference: review of article [104]. (Accepted), Article, David Fell

[177] Comment: Comment on Generic Mechanism for Hierarchies (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[178] Genomic Strategies for Evolutionary Adaptation: The rate, location and extent of genetic variation is not monotonous (Submitted), Review Article, Lynn Caporale

[179] Comment: Response to referees for "Genetic Network Inference" (Accepted), Brief Article, Stefanie Fuhrman

[181] The Basics of Complexity Applied to Why There Is Something Instead of Nothing (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Harold Ruhl

[187] Comment: Comment on integrated theory of nervous system (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[188] Comment: Comment on Emergence of Complex Ecologies (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[189] Comment: Functional Differentiation in Developmental Systems (Submitted), Article, Jeffrey Goldstein

[194] Response to the Comments [186] of [106] (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Javier Dolado, Alvaro Moreno

[203] Comment: Reply to the referee report 193. (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[205] Comment: Ordering chaos in a neural network with linear feedback (Submitted), Brief Article, Michael Doebeli

[210] Comment: Reply to referee's comments (Accepted), Brief Article, Lipo Wang

[213] Socioeconomic Systems as Nested Dissipative Adaptive Systems (Holarchies) and their Dynamic Energy Budget: a theoretical approach (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi, Gianni Pastore

[214] Socioeconomic Systems as Nested Dissipative Adaptive Systems (Holarchies) and their Dynamic Energy Budget: validation of the approach (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi, Gianni Pastore

[215] Evolution of Efficient strategies for evolution: Chance Favors the Prepared Genome (Rejected), Review Article, Lynn Caporale

[216] Emergent Behavior in Structurally Dynamic Cellular Automata (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Paul Halpern

[217] Evolutionary Algorithms on a Self-Organized Dynamic Lattice (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Paul Halpern

[219] Application of Complexity Theory to Organization Design: Focused on the NK Model (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[220] Emergence of Synergistic Hegemony in International Relations (Accepted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[221] The Heart as a Complex Adaptive System (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Yasha Kresh

[222] Comment: Nonsense semi-conscious verborragy (Submitted), Reject, Anonymous

[223] Syntropy and Entropy in Self-organized Systems (Submitted), Article, Mario Ludovico

[226] The DASCh Experience: How to Model a Supply Chain (Accepted), Brief Article, H. Van Dyke ( Parunak

[227] Some Properties of Multicellular Chemical Systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Jerzy Maselko, Michael Anderson

[228] Hierarchical Genetic Programming using Local Modules (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Dirk Banscherus, Peter Dittrich

[229] Control Information: A Meaningful Alternative to Information Theory (Rejected), Revised, Brief Article, Peter Corning

[230] Synergy and the Evolution of Complexity: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (Submitted), Brief Article, Peter Corning

[231] Does Evolution Make Sense? Finding Order in a Class of Evolved Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Network Central Pattern Generators (Rejected), Brief Article, John Gallagher

[232] Dealing with Complex Human Systems From an Interpretive Systemic Perspective (Accepted), Brief Article, Hernán López-Garay

[233] Superlattices and Multiwave Interactions in Driven Surface (Submitted), Article, Hagai Arbell

[234] ConnectedScience: Learning Biology through Constructing and Testing Computational Theories (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Uri Wilensky, Kenneth Reisman

[235] Diffuse Rationality in Complex Systems (Accepted), Article, Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx

[236] Spontaneous evolution of self-reproducing loops on cellular automata (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Hiroki Sayama

[237] Where is Complexity ? (Accepted), Revised, Article, Tanya Araujo

[238] Regulation of Cell Cycle and Gene Activity Patterns by Cell Shape: Evidence for Attractors in Real Regulatory Networks and the Selective Mode of Ce (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Sui Huang

[239] A Model System and Individual-Based Simulation for Developing Statistical Techniques and Hypotheses for Population Dynamics in Fragmented Populations (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Jay Bancroft

[240] A New Paradigm for Animal Social Systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Jeff Schank

[241] Comparing causal factors in the diversification of species (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Carlo Maley

[242] Assembly and Community Self-organization (Accepted), Brief Article, Craig Zimmermann, James Drake

[243] Human Performance Technology from a Complex Adaptive Systems View (Accepted), Brief Article, Brian Clouse

[244] TRANSIMS for transportation planning (Accepted), Brief Article, Kai Nagel

[245] Mapping Multi-Disciplinary Design Processes (Submitted), Brief Article, David Brown

[246] What Can We Learn From Learning Curves? (Accepted), Brief Article, Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Karl Newell, Yeou-Teh Liu

[247] Unicellular Core-Memory Creatures Evolved Using Genetic Algorithms (Accepted), Brief Article, Hideaki Suzuki

[248] Effect of History to Achieve Self Adaptation (Rejected), Review Article, Raja Clouse

[249] A Technologically Mediated Complex (Rejected), Revised, Brief Article, susan aaron

[250] Time Series Analysis of Ecosystem Variables with Complexity Measures (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Holger Lange

[251] The Dynamics of Minority Competition (Accepted), Brief Article, Robert Savit, Radu Manuca, Yi Li, Rick Riolo

[252] Spatial Autocatalytic Dynamics: an approach to modeling prebiotic evolution (Accepted), Brief Article, EvolutionaryCellComputing @Ames

[253] Geophysiological modeling: a new approach at modeling the evolution of ecosystems (Accepted), Brief Article, Francesco Santini

[254] Organizational Intelligence (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Paul Morris

[255] The Complex Evolution of International Orders and the Current International Transition (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Robert Cutler

[256] Cooperation, non-linear dynamics and the levels of selection (Accepted), Brief Article, Leticia Aviles

[257] Examining the dynamics of a vector representing neurophysiological state during intensive care (Submitted), Revised, Report, Andre van der Kouwe

[258] Optimal Organizational Size in the Presence of Externalities (Accepted), Revised, Article, Bennett Levitan, Jose Lobo, Stuart Kauffman, Richard Schuler

[259] Paper is not of general interest (Submitted), Revised, None Specified, Chris Phoenix

[259] Paper is not of general interest (Submitted), Revised, None Specified, Chris Phoenix

[260] Education in Complex Systems (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Michael Jacobson

[261] Continuous Learning in Sparsely Connected Hopfield Nets (Submitted), Brief Article, Ben Goertzel

[262] Distributed Knowledge Networks (Accepted), Brief Article, Vasant Honavar

[263] The self-organization of the World Economy (Rejected), Brief Article, Dmitry Chistilin

[264] Complexity of allocation processes: chaos and path dependence (Accepted), Revised, Article, David A. Meyer

[265] Caution! agent based systems in operation. (Accepted), Brief Article, Tim Middelkoop, Abhijit Deshmukh

[266] Comment: Efficiency-Syntropy in the Evolution of Complex Systems (Submitted), Professional Letter, Mario Ludovico

[267] Entropy estimation from finite data samples (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Dirk Holste

[268] Embedding computation in nonlinear optical media (Submitted), Brief Article, Richard Squier

[269] The Geometry and Evolution of Social Systems (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Juergen Kluever

[270] In the Looking Glass: The Self Modeling of Social Systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Christina Stoica, Juergen Kluever

[271] Harnessing Evolution for Organizational Management (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Jody House

[272] Reply to Chris Phoenix's Review of MS 226 (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, H. Van Dyke ( Parunak

[282] Comment: Retraction of earlier comment (Submitted), Brief Article, Chris Phoenix

[289] Comment: Referee Report for MS 2533 (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[290] Comment: Comment on "The Use of Complexity to..." (Submitted), Reject, Anonymous

[291] Referee Report for BArticle 247 (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Anonymous

[294] Comment: Caution! Agent Based Systems in Operation (Submitted), Brief Article, Bill Fulkerson

[297] Comment: Comment on the Comment on my paper (Submitted), Brief Article, Harold Ruhl

[307] Comment: Referee report for MS 251 (Submitted), Brief Article, David A. Meyer

[309] A typology of systems and processes. A possible approach to the problem of complexity an emergence (Submitted), Article, Dietrich Fliedner

[311] An intelligent Framework for Designing Analog Circuits Based on Hybrid Reasoning (Submitted), Brief Article, Farhad Razaghian

[313] ReVision: Reviewing Vision in the WEB (Accepted), Review Article, Roberto Cesar Junior, Luciano da Fontoura Costa

[325] Complexity in the Climate System (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Allan Jay Palmer


[327] On the barcode interpretation of the DNA structure (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, Simon Berkovich

[328] Complex Behavior of Simple Systems (Accepted), Brief Article, Julien Clinton Sprott

[329] Thresholds, Bifurcations and Mental Control: An Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Psychotherapy (Accepted), Article, Keith Warren, Julien Clinton Sprott

[331] Logic Based Framework for modeling of complex systems (Submitted), Revised, Article, Serguei Krivov, Anju Dahiya

[333] Study of Pattern Formation by Peafowl using LEM Multi-Agent Simulator (Accepted), Revised, Article, Anju Dahiya, Serguei Krivov

[335] The contribution of complexity theory to the study of socio-technical cooperative systems (Accepted), Article, Bernard Pavard, Julie Dugdale

[339] informatics and society (Submitted), Brief Article, Anonymous

[341] The Brain as a System of Aggregation of Social, Behavioral and Biological Variables (Submitted), Article, Anonymous

[342] The General Theory of Everything (Submitted), Article, Donald Rudin

[343] Complexity Theory of Art: Recent Investigations (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Igor Yevin

[344] Complexity, Emergence and Pathophysiology: Using Agent Based Computer Simulation to characterize the Non-Adaptive Inflammation Response (Accepted), Brief Article, Gary An

[345] Self-organization of population substructure in biological systems (Accepted), Article, Guy Hoelzer

[346] ADAPTIVE MARKETING: The Changing Relationship of Business to the Customer (Submitted), Article, Jerry Kurtyka

[347] Spatial periodicity in mycelial fungi growth with respect to their life strategies (Accepted), Revised, Article, Elena Bystrova, Anton Bulianitsa, Ludmila Panina, Evgenia Bogomolova, Vladimir Kurochkin

[348] Spatial periodicity in mycelial fungi growth with respect to their life strategies (Submitted), Revised, Article, Elena Bystrova, Anton Bulianitsa, Ludmila Panina, Evgenia Bogomolova, Vladimir Kurochkin

[348] Spatial periodicity in mycelial fungi growth with respect to their life strategies (Submitted), Revised, Article, Elena Bystrova, Anton Bulianitsa, Ludmila Panina, Evgenia Bogomolova, Vladimir Kurochkin

[349] Spatial organization and phase transition in dimorphic fungi (Submitted), Revised, Article, Evgenia Bogomolova, Ludmila Panina, Yuri Kumzerov

[350] The Quest for Novel Explanations in Organizational Sciences (Accepted), Revised, Article, Hans J Scholl

[350] The Quest for Novel Explanations in Organizational Sciences (Accepted), Revised, Article, Hans J Scholl

[351] In Search of Scaling in Brain (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, JOYDEEP BHATTACHARYA

[351] In Search of Scaling in Brain (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, JOYDEEP BHATTACHARYA

[352] Co-operation in the Brain in Higher Cognitive Functioning (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, JOYDEEP BHATTACHARYA, Ernesto Pereda

[353] Revisiting the Dynamics of Chromospheric Bright Points (Submitted), Revised, Brief Article, JOYDEEP BHATTACHARYA, Ernesto Pereda

[354] Unlocking a lock-in: a model of technological successions (Submitted), Article, Anonymous

[355] A Complex System for the Visualization of Music; in cluding the journey from 2D to Virtual Reality (Accepted), Brief Article, Jack Ox

[356] Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Resource Allocation Strategies for 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunications (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Stephen Hill, peter legg

[357] Plasma experiments with relevance for complexity science (Accepted), Revised, Article, Sebastian Popescu, Erzilia Lozneanu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

[358] Attractor Potential From Electroencephalogram. (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Pravitha Ramanand, Ramavarma Pratap

[359] Cortical Dynamics and Coordination During Meditation (Accepted), Brief Article, Indic P.

[360] Ball lightning as self-organized complexity (Accepted), Revised, Article, Sebastian Popescu, Erzilia Lozneanu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

[361] Self organisation in metabolic pathways (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Derek Raine, Vic Norris

[362] Critical States of Fitness Landscapes (Accepted), Brief Article, Yukihiko Toquenaga

[363] The Seceder Effect in Bounded Space (Accepted), Revised, Brief Article, Peter Dittrich

[364] How Individual Differences in Taste Input Impact Smell and Flavor Perception - An Example of a Complex Process (Accepted), Article, David Bauer, Andreina Santi, Virginia Utermohlen

[365] Neural network-like hierarchical sociogenesis as a common evolutionary logic for bio-machinogenesis and semeiogenesis (Submitted), Article, Koji Ohnishi

[366] Modelling bacterial hyperstructures with cellular automata (Accepted), Revised, Article, Lois Le Sceller, Camille Ripoll, Maurice Demarty, Armelle Cabin-Flamand, Thomas Nystrom, Milton Saier, Vic Norris


[368] Self-similarity dynamics of price fluctuations (Accepted), Brief Article, Yoshi Fujiwara, Satoshi Maekawa

[370] Environmental complexity: Information for Human-Environment Well-Being (Accepted), Revised, Article, Alice Davidson, Yaneer Bar-Yam

[371] Use of an object-based model to represent complex features of ecosystems (Accepted), Article, Lael Parrott, Robert Kok

[372] Complexity of Predictive Neural Networks (Accepted), Revised, Article, Mark Kon, Leszek Plaskota

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[1669] Endocannabinoids: Multi-scaled, Global Homeostatic Regulators of Cells and Society (Accepted), Revised, , Robert Melamede

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[1723] Complex adaptive systems-based toolkit for dynamic plan assessment (Accepted), Revised, , Stephen Ho, Paul Gonsalves, Marc Richards

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[1738] Computational Complexity of Counting in Sparsely Networked Discrete Dynamical Systems (Accepted), Revised, , Predrag Tosic

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[1793] Biotic Population Dynamics and the Theory of Evolution (Accepted), Revised, , Hector Sabelli, Lazar Kovacevic

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[1804] Distributed diagnostics and dynamic reconfiguration using autonomous agents (Accepted), Revised, , Fred Discenzo, Francisco Maturana, Raymond Staron

[1804] Distributed diagnostics and dynamic reconfiguration using autonomous agents (Accepted), Revised, , Fred Discenzo, Francisco Maturana, Raymond Staron

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[1808] Teaching emergence and evolution simultaneously through simulated breeding of artificial swarm behaviors (Accepted), Revised, , Hiroki Sayama

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[1814] What the assassin's guild taught me about distributed computing (Accepted), Revised, , Jacob Beal

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[1820] Data-driven technique to model complex systems (Accepted), Revised, , Val Bykovsky

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[1936] Complexity, Information and Robustness: The Role of Information ‘Barriers’ in Boolean Networks (Accepted), Revised, , Kurt Richardson

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